Title and Abstract

Investigation of Low Emission Frequencies In (School of Science and Technology)
Adiel Rusyaidi, Feng Youjia, Rifky Yudistira
School of Science and Technology, Singapore


A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released (NASA, obtained 2016). Our experiment is to use an SSID Receiver (Super Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Receiver) to study the strength of signals in SST. If the strength of the signal is more than 10–6 watts per square meter, it is likely that it is a Class C and above Solar Flare, which is what we want to measure in our experiment.

Although the cause of flares is not completely understood, they are known to be associated with the magnetic field of the Sun. One favored explanation is that they occur when magnetic fields in the Sun pointing in opposite directions interact strongly with each other. Such a situation can be brought about by the churning motion of solar material near the surface, and is more likely during periods of the active sun. (Solar Flares, obtained 2016)

After carrying out the experiment and cross-checking the data with the source website, we found out that we are able to detect Solar Flares in certain periods of the week when there is a significant spike in the graph.

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