5. Conclusion

5. Conclusions

➜ 5.1 Practical Applications

The data we derive from the experiment will help understand better on why there are radio signal disturbances around SST. Our project is related to Astronomy and Physics where the radio waves from Solar Flares being related to the Physics aspects of the experiment.

➜ 5.2 Areas for further study

An area of further study could be “What actually happens to computers and machinery when exposed to Solar Flares?”. There is a current research group in Carlin Institute researching on how solar flares could affect our bodies, but we think it should not be limited to just humans. We should expand to machinery. we already know that solar flares can damage  man made objects in outer space,  and some of the energy does reach the earth and us. If it does affect us like what the research in carlin institute says, then it could be also affecting machines, since they are also very sensitive like us!

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