3. Results

3. Results
(Talk about did we plot the graph correctly, and whether can use to do discussion eg. prove or disprove hypothesis?) (Explain what is the graph so later the viewer can know what it means)

From the graphs generated in the section “Discussion”, we can use it to pick up the signals.

Our graphs are generated by the SuperSID program. The y-axis which is the signal strength shows the strength of the signal of solar activity and the x-axis is the time of the graph in UTC 0 time. A full graph starts from UTC 12am (8am in Singapore) and ends at 12am next morning (8am next morning) as Singapore is offset from UTC time by 8 hours.

In the graph there are signal disturbances (very high or very low signal) that is normally either signal station maintenance or physical disturbance to antenna (eg. using a microwave beside antenna, disconnecting the antenna)

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